As a development support team, our programmes take the form of knowledge and capacity enhancement across diverse subject areas that include (though not limited to) women's rights, environment, livelihood, health, labour, violence, education, disability, youth and children's rights. These programmes are available 'on demand' for a wide constituency of groups and organisations - from women's groups to artists, people's movements to international agencies, civil society to government organisations, individual activists to media persons & students to academicians. We also intervene at the community level to organise, develop and empower marginalised women and young people to lead better lives. Based in New Delhi, we work across the country, in South Asia and other parts of the world too.

Capacity Building Our capacity building programme - through training and facilitation - is tailored to address a wide range of issues, including gender concepts and practice, development and social change, violence, health, education, environment, labour, livelihood, law and human rights, etc. These interventions include issue based training; social and programmatic skill development; team building and organisational strategy planning; organising campaigns and conferences at the grassroots, national and international level. This programme aims at strengthening knowledge and skills of communities, practitioners and planners across sectors and scale.

Research and Documentation We undertake desk-based and action research and work closely with partner organisations in planning, conducting, synthesing and disseminating research outcomes. We believe that ongoing process documentation enhances the quality and impact of work in the long run, and therefore engage with organisations in such work - photographic, audio and film based documentation. We partner in conducting evaluation/assessment studies on development processes and projects as well proposal development. This programme works across development, environment and human rights issues.

Development Communication and Design We believe that in order to make 'development processes and impact' more meaningful and purposeful, it is important to translate the experiences, insights and knowledge generated into a simple and easy to understand form so that it is understood and absorbed by a greater number of people. We apply our creative skills to conceptualise, design and print/ produce communication resources, for and with organisations while keeping rights' perspective's alive! These resources include posters, postcards, bookmarks, booklets, brochures, publications, reports, apps, websites etc. in English, Hindi and other Indian languages.

Public Education through Films, Music and Arts We specialise in curating, organising and conducting performing and visual arts based festivals and events on social development, environment and human rights' themes through our expansive network of artists - musicians, dancers, puppeteers, storytellers, poets, painters, cartoonists, theatre groups, etc. We believe that arts is the perfect medium to restore human values and connections in society and this endeavour aims to bring people together for sharing, expressing and celebrating their dreams for a equitous, sustainable, peaceful and just society.

Community Empowerment Our grassroots programme in Dehradun, Uttarakhand is run by local women to empower and enable women and girls from poor socio-economic areas to access better-paid work and have increased control over their lives. While economic empowerment continues to be the major strategy for change, over the last years, our work around resisting domestic control and violence has expanded - due to the affect of such violence on women, girls and youth which prevents them to pursue the opportunities available to them. Specific activities under this programme include day care for low income women to leave their children when they go to work; educational support for girls and women dropouts; skill training referrals; job placement and support services for violence survivors.