Kriti Team runs a number of initiatives in keeping with the larger objective of the organisation - to bridge the gaps between development theory and praxis. These initiatives were ideated at different points in the Kriti team's 'herstory'. They have evolved organically over the years and carved an independent identity for themselves very successfully. Today, they are key drivers of our work to reach 'unconverted' audiences as well as people and organisations like us.

Information and Networking Initiatives

Kriti Film Club - an educational and research oriented initiative that offers an independent and informal platform for screening documentary films. We also curate and organise issue-based film festivals and serve as a space to access film making skills and resources.

Kriti InfoPlace - a library space to access and use information/ communication resources on development, environment and human rights.

Rightscape - a perspective building and activism based initiative on social and environmental action for and among the student community.

Our Diary - our flagship initiative wherein we document people's movements and struggles from India and parts of the world in recognition and promotion of human rights.

Social Action Resources @Docushop - a hub for access to documentary films, resistance music, socially relevant books, posters and other audiovisual resources.[More]
Livelihood and Ecological Initiatives

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Paper an initiative to "Save Paper, Save Trees & Save Yourself", through capacity building workshops and a production unit. We partner to help create eco-friendly workplace, educational and neighbourhood spaces through the efficient use and disposal of waste paper.

Eco Innovations - an effort at organising the display, demonstration and outreach of naturally relevant products and installations that can be used at home or workplace. These include a natural water filter, earthern ware and handmade utensils, composting pots, an ecocafe etc.

Gestures - an alternative initiative that supports livelihoods of several marginalised women, youth and differently abled people across the country by promoting sustainable consumption 'life&work'styles. Incubated by the Kriti team, it runs as an independent enterprise with ethical, community made and ecofriendly products that are good for the mind, body and soul! These include cotton, silk, woollen garments and tshirts; jewellery and accessories; jute, cloth and recycled paper bags, wallets, pouches; home decor and gifts; organic food and cosmetics; as well as films, music and books on environment, development and social justice; greeting cards; posters, prints & handmade paper stationary and more. [More]